Est. 2015

       We've seen how the other guys do business...with their long-term contracts, exorbitant early cancellation fees,

and auto-renewals they don't warn you about... until after they've renewed... even if you haven't trained with them in months! Refunds? Fah-gettah-bout-it! 

       But we're here to say: it doesn't have to be that way.

       At Golden Phoenix School, we do things very differently. We understand that life is busy and oftentimes unpredictable. Students ought to be treated with the respect they deserve, regardless of their changing circumstances. We believe the only things that should keep them coming back to train with us year-after-year is our excellent martial arts instruction, student services and of course, thier passion to learn an ancient martial arts system! 


       For these reasons, we set out to offer the simplest tuition system possible.

       Naturally, this means you won't be locked into any term contracts. No hidden or cancellation fees. No "Gotcha's!" or dojo dramas or gimmicks. It's all right here on this page.

       Just fair rates and transparency. We offer two easy methods for paying tuition. See for yourself:


Month-to-Month Plans

       These à la carte "Drop-in" rates are great for individuals who have irregular schedules, are just visiting the area, or simply like to fly by the seat of their pants!

       Whether you choose a Recommended Bundle or  plan to        

Build-Your-Own-Bundle, these plans save you time and money while retaining flexibility for those occasional curve balls of life. Smart!

$10/ Group Class

$25/ Semi-Private Lesson*

$50/ Full-Private Lesson*

       *Semi-Private & Full-Private Lessons are subject to Availability. Please call ahead, preferably one day in advance of your desired day/time to schedule your lesson. Lessons are 30 Minutes long.

       If you feel that none of the above Recommended Bundles perfectly suits your needs, you have the option of building your own monthly bundle using the à la carte rates of:

$10/Group Class, $25/Semi-Private Lesson, and $50/Full-Private Lesson.

For example, a bundle consisting of one Group Class each week would be $40/Month.

Or, a bundle consisting of one Private Lesson each week would be $200/Month.

How am I still saving money when I build my own Bundle using à la carte rates?  

     By paying a flat monthly rate, which is based on a typical four-week month, you occasionally receive extra classes or lessons when a certain month runs into a fifth week. Individuals who are regular Pay-As-You-Go students will continue to pay the à la carte rate for their fifth week's training sessions, but you will not be charged the difference.

Recommended Bundles

Bronze Bundle..............................................$120.00/Month ($20 Savings)

Includes: 1 Semi-Private Lesson & 1 Group Class Per Week

Each Additional Family Member on Bronze Bundle: $110/ Month ($10 Extra Savings)

Silver Bundle.................................................$140.00/Month ($40 Savings)

Includes: 1 Semi-Private Lesson & 2 Group Class Per Week

Each Additional Family Member on Silver Bundle: $120/ Month ($20 Extra Savings)

Gold Bundle (Adults Only)......................$160.00/Month ($60 Savings)

Includes: 1 Semi-Private Lesson & 3 Group Class Per Week

Each Additional Family Member on Gold Bundle: $130/ Month ($30 Extra Savings)


Our Tuition

       Recommended Bundles are designed to offer the best educational value for your dollar. Extra discounts are available for additional family members enrolled on the same Bundle! 

After all, families that train together, stay together!

Rank Advancement Testing & Ceremony Fees

Fees cover the cost of testing time, belt/sash and certificate.

Chuan Fa: 

Yellow Belt-1st Degree Blue Belt....$25

2nd Degree Blue Belt-2nd Degree Green Belt....$35

1st Degree Brown Belt-3rd Degree Brown Belt...$50

Black Belt...$TBD

5 Animal Kung Fu:

 White, Purple, Green Sash...$25

Brown & Red Sash...$50

Black Sash...$TBD

We accept Cash, Checks, and most Major Credit/Debit Cards: