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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I wear to my first lesson? Is there anything else I should bring?

       For your first lesson, we recommend wearing a comfortable, non-restrictive outfit, like what you would typically wear for a work-out at a gym. We do require that you bring a pair of clean, low-tread indoor sneakers to change into while on the training floor. Also, if you have access to a printer you can download, print, and fill out our Survey and Information & Liability Waiver Form in advance to bring along and save time. Oh, and don't forget your water bottle!

Are students required to wear a special uniform?

       While we do have uniforms available for sale and by special order, we do not require students to purchase or wear them to class. That said, most students do eventually decide to acquire and wear our uniforms because they are high-quality, look and perform well, and contribute to the solidarity of spirit at the school. And we highly recommend that you dress in your best uniform for rank advancement ceremonies. You can view our Catalog online and use our Order Form if you need something we don't carry in inventory!

Do you host Birthday Parties?

       Yes, we do... and at very reasonable rates, we might add! Click Here to learn more about our basic Birthday Party package and other fun add-on activities like board-breaking and face-painting. When you're ready to book, just Contact us to check availability for your preferred party date/time. Your child does not have to be a current or past student to celebrate their birthday with us!

What styles of martial arts do you teach?

       We offer four styles of Chinese martial arts: Wing Chun, Yang-style Tai Chi, Traditional 5-Animal Kung Fu, and Chuan Fa.

You can learn about the history and characteristics of each on our Programs page.

What age range of students do you teach?

       We have divided our student body into four distinct groups, each with its own age-appropriate curriculum. The youngest group, our Tiny Talons, consists of 3 and 4 year-olds, but we also serve older children, teens, young adults, the middle-aged, and elderly. You can read more about each age group and its respective training focal points under "Who We Teach" on the Programs page.